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How Much Is Bad Decision Making Costing You? How Much Are Bad Relationships Costing You?

Most leadership teams and business owners struggle to make consistent sound decisions that lead to business growth. When you only rely on your logical mind for growth and profits ...

  • You end up in analysis-paralysis: your decision making process is endless

  • You change direction at the first sign of going South

  • Your team cohesion suffers: 1-2 individuals always sabotage your success

  • You worry about business all the time.

  • You often feel unfit to deal with the business complexities

  • You know you need to change to survive but you don't know what to change

  • Your shareholders and bosses not aligned with you

Learning to use the dormant capacity of your mind at will to correct all of the above is easy and it works. Most people don’t know how to activate their mind and work with it. Instead, they either over-analyze situations, or drift in pointless meditations. Train your team in business intuition and you’ll finally get the good decision making and following it - the business growth you’ve been looking for.

Let me Get You to Unlock Your Business Intuition, so you can:

Identify the best courses of action for growth and profitability

You know everything about your business, logically. Now, the only thing to do to unlock extraordinary growth is to switch your intuition on, that is your capacity that orders all the puzzle pieces, including the ones that you only perceive subconsciously.

Make impeccable business decisions

Are you deciding market to enter next, what product to launch and what your most profitable strategy should be? By unlocking your business intuition, you will learn to make the right choices and see exactly how they benefit all participants. This means you will make money with a clear consciousness.

Improve Your Team Coherence

Work relationships are crucial for your success but also for your overall sense of fulfillment. Learn to use your business intuition to transform your relationships and create an environment, where everyone would do they best to contribute.

Here's How to Get Started In Three Easy Steps


Step 1: Try My Expertise

Join in on a fun and interactive trial session where you can get your questions answered and see how everything works. You can even get recommendations for a problem you are currently solving.


Step 2: Choose A Plan

Discover the mode of engagement that works best for you. You may opt in for individual advisory and coaching, or for team training and facilitation.

I got you covered.


Step 3: Watch Your Business Flourish

As your Business Intuition develops and you apply it more and more, witness the remarkable improvement in your leadership style, business decisions, and of course, your business growth.

Investing In Business Intuition Trainings Can Be Intimidating Because Business Leaders Avoid To Talk About It. And So You Don't Know How Credible, or Effective It Is.

How Do You Know You're Making The Right Choice?

Greetings, I'm Zorina Dimitrova, a trusted management partner with a wealth of experience in finance and group strategy in the telecommunications and technology sectors. My know-how spans both organic and inorganic growth, and I specialize in helping businesses identify new opportunities and pursue strategies to achieve their growth goals. I understand the challenges you face in achieving growth and success for your business from the perspective of being both an advisor and a business owner myself.

To truly flourish, you require a simple, yet effective way to discover new opportunities, make the right decisions, create profitable business models, and not least, create relationships within your organization that are 100% aligned with your company's purpose. Unfortunately, the world is rather complex and even if you could read all the possible books on management and organizational strategy, mix it with AI capabilities, you wouldn't possibly be able to make the right decision and act accordingly all the time.

I have spent the last 17 years using, applying and refining a set of mind-programming methodologies to improve all areas of life and business for myself and my clients. I have developed a unique system "Business Intuition Mastery" drawing inspiration from proven techniques like the Silva Method, NLP and another less known system for influence. "Business Intuition Mastery" activates both your logical and creative mind simultaneously, providing a transformative approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

This training/mentoring is designed for executive teams, board members, strategy and business development teams, as well as individuals seeking a competitive edge in problem-solving, interpersonal dynamics, collaborative business model creation, and overall personal and professional growth.  

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I understand you may be skeptical about the validity of Intuition. You may doubt that this will work for you. I also understand that you don't want to waste your time with woo-woo teachers and you may be someone who does not enjoy meditation, or spiritual practices. You are a person of action. And this is great, because the practice of activating and applying your intuition is called 'work in alpha', and it is a prerequisite for my engagement with you and for your success that you take action!

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